~ Welcome to the internet's back alley!


Byte23 Networks is a non-commercial internet service provider for family, friends & projects. We are a group of like-minded people who seek and promote a free internet and freedom of information. Therefore, we host our own infrastructure and shared services with an emphasis on fun, but also mind sustainabilty and security. We deploy used hardware, given a second life, passively cooled and mostly powered by our own solar power plant. We choose and promote open source operating systems: RHEL, OpenBSD and FreeBSD.

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E-Mail: Point your client to Settings for sending: set SMTP on port 25, with STARTTLS and authentication. For receiving: set IMAP on port 993 with TLS and authentication. Mail is backuped with two in-house copies and an off-site copy at Helsinki, Finland. On local down-times we rely on a backup mail server in Switzerland.

Matrix: On login make sure to select our custom homeserver: and use your username only, not your e-Mail address. You can use any client you like, we also have a web client at Element. It's recommended to create a recovery key and store it securely when you open your first session.

Nextcloud: Hosting files, calendars and contacts. We currently make two backup copies in-house (in and out-of-band) and replicate a third copy off-site to Helsinki.